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tags; Profile. Setting up sublime-phpcs for PHP development in Sublime Text. Install and setup sublime-phpcs with PHP CodeSniffer, PHP Coding Standard Fixer, Linter, Mess Detector and scheck from fb/pfff for Sublime Text 3. PHP Formatter is a very good PHP beautifier/Pretty Printer/Indenter. Welcome to the new PHP Formatter! We've given PHP Formatter a new design as well as a new engine! The new engine features: Blazingly fast, on the fly formatting of all scripts! PHP 4 and PHP. 24/11/2016 · So I'm using Sublime Text 3 for last few months and I love it!! The only issue is that I can't find any nice autoformat plugin/package that works with PHP. I found it for HTML,CSS etc HTML-CSS-JS Prettify and it work. Sublime Text 3 代码格式化插件推荐 CodeFormatter. CodeFormatter. CodeFormatter has support for the following languages: PHP - By PHP_Beautifier JavaScript/JSON - By JSBeautifier HTML - By JSBeautifier CSS - By JSBeautifier Python - By PythonTidy only ST2 支持,php,js,html,css.

A protip by zonetti about sublime, productivity, and. Ruby Python JavaScript Front-End Tools iOS. More Tips Ruby Python JavaScript Front-End Tools iOS PHP Android.NET Java Jobs. Jobs. Sign In or Up. September 23, 2019 02:30. 7yxpdw. Last Updated: September 23, 2019 · 267.1K · zonetti. Auto-indenting on Sublime Text 3. sublime productivity. PHP Code Beautifier:PHP代码美化插件; Ctags 是一个经典的代码跳转插件,在很多编辑器中都可以使用; DocBlockr:自动给函数变量增加注释功能,可以修改配置设置哪些需要那些不需要,一般建议修改配置都是修改 Setting User 级别的配置. 10.PHP Code Beautifier:PHP代码美化插件 11.Compare Side-by-Side:对比两个代码文件的差异 12.jQuery:jQuery代码提示 13.SidebarEnhancements:扩展边栏功能 14.AutoFileName:插入文件链接时自动提示文件路径 15.ConvertToUTF8:使sublime支持GBK编码.

PHP CodeSniffer, PHP Coding Standard Fixer, Linter and Mess Detector Support for Sublime Text View on GitHub Download.tar.gz. This is a plugin for Sublime Text which provides checkstyle reports using the following tools all optional. — Javascript and CSS Code beautifier by c7sky, — jsbeautify-for-chrome by Tom Rix, — Pretty Beautiful JavaScript by Will McSweeney — Stackoverflow Code Beautify by Making Odd Edit Studios. Firefox: Javascript deminifier by Ben Murphy, to be used together with the firebug, Safari: Safari extension by Sandro Padin. JavaScript-, PHP- und HTMLBeautify in Sublime Text 3.2 integrierenEditorHTMLJavaScriptPHPSublime Text Mit den folgenden 6 Schritten lässt sich innerhalb des Menüs Edit der Menüpunkt HTML Beautify und andere Beautifier hinzufügen. Sublime Text 3 pretty JSON 11 Feb 2016 - Help improve this post. Install this packages via CMDSHIFTP > Install package > Search for Pretty JSON and install. And then turn ugly json via CMDCTRLJ OSX CTRLALTJ Windows/Linux in pretty JSON! Source is on GitHub. Happy coding! - Fixed bug 14357: PHP_Beautifier breaks php 5.3 code [needs more testing] - Fixed bug 14429: string with two variables in braces and one of them is an array and this string is within a switch statement, then the braces become indented as if they were ending the switch statement PEAR Filter.

  1. add the php-fmt sublime package. Go into. Preferences > Package Settings > phpfmt > Settings – User. Add this “enable_auto_align”: false, “indent_with_space”: true.
  2. sublime Php code formatter/beautifier and php beautification in general. PHP Code Beautifier is a useful free tool that should do what you're after,. The tool has been declined into 3 versions: A GUI version which allow to process file visually. A command line version which allow to be batched or integrated with other tools.
  3. PHP code formatter for Sublime Text editor with Pear php_beautifier Sublime Text 2 Php_beautifier About. This is a Sublime Text 2 plugin allowing you to format your PHP code. It uses php beautifier. Installation. Install php-pear and php-cli with your package manager: php-pear & php5-cli with Debian; php-pear & php with Archlinux.

在Sublime Text 3中编写代码,为了能让我们的代码格式变得漂亮整洁,需要一个能自动格式代码的插件。这里发现CodeFormatter插件不错,它能支持常见的几种编程语言: PHP JavaScript/JSON HTML CSS SCSS Python Visual Basic/VBScript Coldfusion/Railo/Lucee. Sublime Text Tip: SQLBeautifier. That’s why I was so psyched to find SQL Beautifier by Ziang Song. It’s a Sublime Text plugin that automatically formats any selected SQL in your code. Sublime Text 3 dropped today with a brand new website and swanky new icon to boot. Online HTML Beautifier beautifies dirty, ugly or minified HTML code and give it proper indentation. It also format the css between the style tags and the javascript between the script tags. HTML Viewer helps to Formats a HTML string/file with the best possible output. Note that the formatter will keep spaces and tabs between content tags such as.

  1. Proper formatting makes code easier to read and understand. PHP Beautifier parses your source code and formats it in the style of your choice. Please make a backup before you replace your code!
  2. Online PHP Beautifier beautifies dirty, ugly or unreadable PHP code and give it proper indentation. It supports various indentation styles such as K&R style, Allman style, Whitesmiths style and GNU style.
  3. Number of open feature requests: 3 28 total feature requests Report a new bug to PHP_Beautifier » Description; This program reformat and beautify PHP 4 and PHP 5 source code files automatically. The program is Open Source and distributed under the terms of PHP Licence. It is written in PHP 5 and has a command line tool. » Maintainers.

SublimeAStyleFormatter is a code formatter/beautifier for Sublime Text. View On GitHub; Sublime Text 2 & 3 AStyle Formatter Plugin Description. SublimeAStyleFormatter is a simple code formatter plugin for Sublime Text. It provides ability to. you may want to have a look at SublimeAStyleFormatter.sublime-settings. To edit your project. (注意修改两个PHP路径) SublimeCodeIntel:PHP代码自动补全工具,Sublime自带的补全功能无法满足PHP开发要求,加上这个插件效率就极快了; Xdebug Client:调试插件,可以对PHP代码设置断点、单步、步入、步出、步进等调试,以及查看实时变量值.

Opinionated Code Formatter. Why? You press save and code is formatted; No need to discuss style in code review. sublime text3 php code beautifier插件怎么用 Package Control 安装1打开Sublime Text3 ,点击菜单栏的“Preferences”-->"Package Control",或者可以使用快捷键CTRLSHIFTP 打开2在打开的终端窗口,输入“install”,下方就会提示“Package Control:install package”,用鼠标点击3这时候等待几秒,就. PHP Code Beautifier - полезный бесплатный инструмент, который должен делать то, что вам нужно, хотя на странице загрузки требуется создание учетной записи. Инструмент был отклонен в 3. sublime上格式化php的插件找到两个:php tidy和php beautifier,其中php tidy是按照wordpress风格组织代码,不喜欢括号里的那么多空格。。虽然在github上有人改造了一下变成ci风格,但装起来还是比较麻烦的 而php beautifier的安装也同样另人抓狂,但好歹也摸索出来了: 1. [AskReddit] Do you know a good PHP Formatter for ST3 ? I've been looking or smething really lightweight to format my PHP source code, foolowing or not PSR. I've seen CodeFormatter but this is a nightmare ton configure just to use it PHPPEARPHP Beautifier or PHP-cs PHPPEARPHP-CSPHP-CS-Fixer.

Sublime Text 3 is the current version of Sublime Text. For bleeding-edge releases, see the dev builds. PHP Code Sniffer PHPCS es un plugin indispensable que sin duda alguna debes tener funcionando con tu instalación de Sublime Text si trabajas con PHP. PHPCS te permite conocer los errores de sintaxis que tienes dentro de tus archivos de PHP, de tal forma que puedas corregirlos durante el desarrollo de una forma muy conveniente, manteniendo así un código muy limpio y verdaderamente.

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