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High Efficiency COB LED, High Power COB LED.

What better for big yield, more lumens or more light efficiency ?-Second: What happened with different source with different wavelength this time, with led's different power Mean a cob with mono color led really near from the cob. In fact, i would like to know if some can explain the more easier possible. As a pioneer of COB-type high-wattage LED, we provide LED achieving the world’s highest level of luminous flux and efficacy and develop LED pursuing “quality of light” to enable an illuminated object to look more beautiful.

01/01/2018 · Hey guys I am reasonably new too these forums and very new too the whole subject of led cob's and there power supply. Mainly all I read in most diy cob builds is that you pretty much have no option but too run a meanwell hlg driver, considering my main power supply's are 240v- 60hz it's not the best option for me? What is the difference between Mingfa Tech’s COB heat sink and the heat sink that is not designed or produced by Mingfa Tech? Many people think that the larger the heat dissipation area or the larger the size of the heat sink, the better the thermal efficiency with the cob. I’m already working on a DIY COB LED guide so stay tuned if you feel like working on a very neat and simple project! An example of a fairly basic DIY COB LED Grow Light fixture that I assembled in a few hours to use in my garden. That’s it! Hence, COB LED lights are efficient in single-color applications but not in versatile technology. 3 COB is known for better lumen per watt ratios and heat efficiency. COB chips can produce a higher amount of lumens with less energy with a minimum of 80 lumens per watt.

This cob led grow light helps in fast growing of plants and improves your output. High quality EPILEDS LEDS, new LED technology innovation creates the most similar light as the sunlight. These cob led grow lights have a longer lifespan and provide good care to the plants. Wiring up the LED driver to the COB is pretty simple – it’s even easier if you can do it without having to solder. If you end up using Veros like I did, make sure to order a Pico-EZmate wire harness for each COB. If you’re using a Cree COB, see if you can get it with a solderless holder like these. Cities may also use this type of LED to support street lighting systems, parking lots and other outdoor facilities that require a wide spread of light over the location. Lastly, COB LEDs are less prone to failure when operating in hot environments, compared to SMD LEDs. Cree COB LED by CF Grow is one of the most sought-after models in the COB LED grow light zones. With a new and advanced style, COB LED grow light CXB3590-X2 is used for hydroponics greenhouse tomato money plant all stage growth with full Spectrum.

MIGRO Advanced LED grow lights for home growers. Maximise your yield with a modular, full spectrum & high efficiency grow light system. Also when LED driver increase current to LED, the light efficacy per watt is even low. The COB with small size chips will be a trend of LED light source package. Lightspot holds the patent for invention for COB LED and lamp. Advantage of COB COB LED has a lot of advantges. For details of advantage of COB, clickCOB LED Advantage Chip on board.

Well, we present to you the Hydropics Red COB LED grow light. Which has a power output of 800 watts. The company has patented its design of reflective cups and lens, what that does is, it increases the light gathering effect resulting in higher PAR and LUX values than other normal COB LED grow lights. What is a COB LED ? COB chip on board LED products are slowly starting to seep into the market, it is set to take the whole industry by storm soon. A chip on board LED is basically a LED chip diode built directly on the the circuit board. The chips are bonded directly. Quality Horticulture COB manufacturers & exporter - buy High Efficiency Horticulture COB Led Grow Light Chip Dimmable Timer 100w from China manufacturer.

  1. 1.1 DIP. The first LED designed for illumination was the dual in-line package DIP LED, which is also called a “straw hat LED.” Its light efficiency was relatively low at that time – only about 4-5 lumen per unit or 0.05-0.08 watt per unit, which is about 60-80 lumen per wattage.
  2. Discover your ideal 1919 High Efficiency COB LED in Crescent reliable COB LED supplier. Crescent has 18 years' experience in COB LED package. High Efficiency COB LED 1414, 1919 are available. Large Scale Warehouse. Cost-Effective OEM Services. In-House Manufacturing. Flexible Customization.
  3. 300W COB LED Grow light is the best seller. It is so bright compare to other 300W LEDs in the market. 300W LEDs consume less energy for a greater light output. It offers some of the highest lumen output per watt of any LED grow light.
  4. The "Efficiency Myth" and the Difference Between 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W and COB LEDS. Because LED technology is so new, it is often hard to understand the difference between the multitude of lights available. Many LED grow lights contain 1-watt 1W or 3-watt.

What is the difference between SMD and COB.

Nichia expands "Optisolis™" products. Optisolis™ provides a natural light source with a spectrum that matches closest to that of the standard illuminant, such as the sun and incandescent. Parko S.r.l. collaborates with selected producers offering high quality standards and which works for the Big and Super Big of this sector. In order to supply a very competitive service, the company has chosen one unique supplier for each type of product, always assuring customer the best possible supply. What distance do I hang my COB LED grow light from my plants? Grow light manufacturers typically recommend hanging grow lights 18-24 inches above plants. However, the intensity of light varies between grow lights, and your plants require different intensities of light during different growth phases. LEDs and LED products in the leading shop for light emitting diodes by LUMITRONIX. More than 90.000 satisfied customers love our products. This LED is designed for use with much higher current, and its efficiency is less with higher current. Its efficiency at 1500 mA is about.78 times its efficiency at 350 mA, so I think typically about 59% or typically about 23 lumens per watt at 1500 mA.

COB efficiency Spreadsheets Page 9 Rollitup.

How do COB LED grow lights compare to regular LED grow lights? COB LED grow lights are manufactured so all diodes are on one single chip. This increases power efficiency and brightness, making them better than lights that use individual LEDs spread out across a board. Leading efficacy with compatibility. Samsung’s expertise offers the supreme reliability, quality and efficacy suitable for every lighting application. FOB LED Strip 1. Adopt Brand Led Chip,high Brightness, Low Light Decay. Lifespan More Than 25000 Hours. 2. Color: 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 6000k, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. 3. All of Materials Are Accord With Rohs Standards. 4. Easy to Install and Preserve;can Be Bent Freely; With 3m Adhesive Tape On the Backside. 5. High Color Efficiency, Uniform.

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